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Management & Directors

Marc Enright-Morin


Mr. Enright-Morin is a successful businessman and entrepreneur based in Vancouver, B.C., who has assisted various public and private companies in raising capital through numerous institutions throughout Austral-Asia and the Americas. With 20 years of experience in the public and private markets, he has garnered an extensive network of investment banking contacts and experience, both of which are instrumental in the management and development of junior companies.

Jose Mario Castelo Branco


Mr. Branco is a senior geologist with over 38 years of experience. He is the managing partner of Geologia e Geotecnia Consultores, a boutique consulting firm specializing in mineral exploration based in Portugal. Prior to that, Mr. Branco was the Regional Exploration Manager, Europe, for Lundin Mining, overseeing Lundin Mining projects in Iberia and Europe. He led the team credited with discovering the new VHMS Semblana mineral deposit near Lundin’s Neves Corvo mine.

John Bean


Mr. Bean is an experienced cannabis and real estate sector chief financial officer who provides corporate finance leadership and strategic business development guidance, and who strengthens corporate governance. He has joined the board as an independent director, where he will bring to bear his financial management, capital markets, strategic acquisitions and corporate governance experience.